Company and Technology

Vocalis Health

Vocalis Health is an AI healthtech company, analyzing voice to find unique vocal biomarkers for specific diseases. We have developed a voice-enabled AI platform that creates proprietary vocal biomarkers for personalized healthcare screening, triage and continuous remote monitoring of health.


Vocal Biomarkers

AI-based platform that uses voice to detect & monitor health status

AI/Machine Learning

Analyzing big data to uncover health insights


Voice Platform

Proprietary voice analysis technology

We are building a wide array of vocal biomarkers with over 1 million voice data points in our database. Analyzing these data sets, Vocalis Health is identifying disease-specific vocal biomarkers to go through various validations.

Our Technology

Voice is a very under-utilized biomarker which can uncover many insights about a person’s health. Analyzing these data sets, Vocalis Health is identifying, developing and validating disease-specific vocal biomarkers.


Collect Data

Voice samples are collected from users via Vocalis Health research software solution


Voice recordings are then analyzed, verified and labeled with an associated medical record

Transform to Spectrogram

The Vocalis Health technology transforms the audio recordings to visual images

Feature Extraction

A unique signature is generated per disease/condition and for each individual patient

Training & Validation

A 10-fold cross validation procedure is then conducted on the training data of a specific vocal biomarker

* Vocalis Health’s products & solutions might be subject to regulatory clearance.