How do we enable back to “new normal” post pandemic?

To adapt to the “new normal” post pandemic, businesses will need to quickly and
accurately identify the status of people returning to work.

Current solutions are not optimized:


A lot of workers will hide their symptoms, or say it is
just a cold or if they have a fever, just say it is too hot
outside,“ potentially risking more infection.


Our Solution: VocalisCheck* - COVID-19 Vocal Biomarker

VocalisCheck is a software solution that assesses the voice of a person whose COVID-19 status is unknown, without additional information or prior knowledge about the individual user.

Vocalis Check uses voice as a first line of defense, allowing faster business resumption and triaging users.


COVID-19 Vocal

Cloud-based software


For back-to-work
and AI-guided
testing use cases

How does it work?

A single voice sample is recorded using a mobile app or web-based tool, and a cloud-based AI analytics engine provides feedback within a minute or two.


User counts from
50 to 70


Recording transformed to
picture and compared to
COVID+ recordings


Results within
1-2 minutes

Back-to-Work use case

VocalisCheck has widespread use potential, including businesses, retail, healthcare, entertainment and manufacturing, among others

Voice Input

VocalisCheck API can be integrated to employer app/website or as a white labeled solution

Employees count from 50 to 70, upload recording and answer symptom questions


Check-in Alert

Employer sends employees email or SMS asking them to check in before they leave their home for work

Quick Results

Assessment of voice samples is immediate

Those with low risk receive a token that enables them to get regularly back to work

Others are instructed what to do next based on their assessment

AI-Guided Testing

Implementation of a vocal biomarker augments current testing plans with additional data and a tool to help guide more efficient allocation of testing resources

Voice Sample Input

Users count from 50 to 70, upload recording and answer symptom questions


Pre-test Reminder

Users are asked to record a voice sample prior to testing via link in SMS/email or on testing website

Quick Results

Based upon results, users may be encouraged to get tested

VocalisCheck Whitepaper

The VocalisCheck COVID-19 Vocal Biomarker is an accessible, cost-effective assessment tool that can be reliably conducted at home before entering public places in a safe and efficient manner.

Preliminary and promising results outlined in our White Paper support the use of the Vocalis Health Vocal Biomarker for COVID-19.

* Vocalis Health’s product & solutions might be subject to regulatory clearance*